Are you looking for a 100% ecological and natural shirt?

Fortunale is the right product for you!

Fortunale garments are entirely natural, incredibly soft, made with pure organic wool only, colored exclusively with vegetable dyes without chemical products, designed and produced in Italy by specialized craftsmen.

The first product line was launched in Crowdfunding in November 2018. Following the success of the first campaign, we decided to launch the second product line too, dedicated to men and women! Fill out the form to stay updated on product preparation and the launch of the campaign!

If you leave us your contact, we will buy a seed, plant a tree for you and keep you updated on the launch of the campaign. What are you waiting for?

Nature becomes fashion!

Fill out the form to stay updated on the launch of the crowdfunding campaign and don't miss any news on the new product line!

Product Fortunale

What are the features of Fortunale products?

  • 100% organic wool, extra thin yarn, it keeps the body temperature constant (a feature that allows you to wear the item in all seasons of the year)
  • 100% natural dye (garments available in indigo blue, indigo and madder)
  • Naturally transpirant
  • Recyclable fibers
  • WOOLMARK Certification
  • Reusable packaging

How to buy a Fortunale product?

It will be possible to pre-order Fortunale garments through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter starting from October 2019. Leave us your contact to stay updated on the launch of the campaign and on product preparation!

Packaging Fortunale

We will plant a tree for you!

If you decide to leave us your contact and follow us in the preparation for the launch of the new line, we will buy a seed and we will plant a tree for you. Furthermore, if you buy an item, we will personalize it with your tree number!

Everything in Fortunale has a second life:

If you decide to return us your Fortunale item, you will get a 30% off your next purchase;
the label turns into a very comfortable headphone holder ;
the packaging is made of recycled cardboard and can be reused as a convenient container.

Nature becomes fashion!

Fill out the form to stay updated on the launch of the crowdfunding campaign! After receiving your data, we will buy and plant the seed for your tree!